Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wedding Cake Etiquette

Whether your wedding is formal or casual, you as the bride need to know about certain wedding cake ettiquette. The cutting of the wedding cake represents the first thing the bride and groom do together as a couple so has significant meaning.

Show Off the Cake!
The wedding cake should be placed as the centerpiece of the reception and is an important part of the reception decor. Preferably, the cake is placed on a table all of its own in a prominent location for the guests to admire, but it can also be placed on the bridal table or a buffet table. Place a decorated knife on the table for the cutting ceremony.

Cutting the Cake
The cake is cut right before the dessert course. Make sure to gather the guests, so everyone can watch this special part of the reception. The bride and groom cut the first two slices with the groom placing his right hand over hers. The slice is placed on a plate and then the bride and groom feed each other a piece of cake, with the groom typically offering the cake to the bride first. The catering staff than cuts the rest of the cake in the kitchen.

Anniversary Tier
Many newly married couples choose to save the top tier to be frozen until their first anniversary. A better option is to get a small cake from your baker that is separately packaged which then can be frozen. This is much less messy than saving the top tier and is better packaged for freezing. Or the bride and groom can go back to the baker on their first anniversary to get a small cake that would be fresh and tastier. Many bakers will provide one of these two latter options complimentary.

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Judy said...

For lots of guests, the cake is the highlight and they will hang around long enough to see it cut and get a taste. (Not everyone can party the night away!) Your designs are devine!